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Colton Hicks
Content Marketing Specialist | Content Writer

Position Yourself As An Industry And Thought Leader
Colton Hicks
Content Marketing Specialist | Content Writer
Hi, my name's Colton!

If you had to get rid of all your newsletter subscriptions and ONLY add the ones you missed the most... I'd want this to be one that you came back to.

That's the standard I set for myself. And I strive for it every week. 

I aim to share ideas that are fundamental to your business success. The good stuff ;) 

These insights are deconstructed from world-class performers.  They've helped me.  And they can help you.

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Here's what others are saying:

Colton saved me entire DAYS worth of time by guiding me to better paths with my marketing. He's the first person I go to when I need to upgrade my headlines and copy.

-Steven Rabulan
Weight Loss Coach for Motivated Keto Dieters

"Colton knows his stuff. Colton has helped my business on a number of projects from, from my new ventures first online launch, helping me navigate through the process of creating funnels, landing pages and email sequences to helping me create a content marketing strategy. 

We just had our first one on one coaching session and it was great! I left feeling like I had an actionable plan to move forward and some accountability to insure that those things get done."

-Cassi Jo Perez
 Founder of Hound Culture

"The sessions that I had with Colton were extremely valuable. We went through some powerful exercises that helped me focus on the direction I needed to go in my business.

Also, the clarity, action plan and strategies I learned from working with Colton is now giving me the momentum I needed to succeed in my business."

-Enzo Emanual 

I have worked with Colton for over 18 month on and off.

During this time, Colton has been able to help me to grow and take the next new step in my business.

The thing I love about working with Colton is that you are his priority. He asks the tough questions and has answers for you however is always kind and professional in his approach.

Colton is a great mentor/coach as really knows how to put stuff together in your funnels and your business. He always gives you undivided attention and always there for you which is just priceless.

If you want to get results he is your kind of guy!

-Olesya Wilson
 Owner/Author at

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